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Mountain Research and Art Center


C.I.M.A. is a residence of art located in Argentina in the mountainous region of Portezuelo, often referred to as "the large door between the hills".  The residence is located 18 kilometers from the capital of the Province Catamarca. It is created as a production space for artists who wish to nurture and challenge their own work and  practices in connection to the surrounding environment unleashing future creation influenced by this natural space of powerful landscapes.

We believe in art as a tool to regenerate and transform new realities. We propose an opening of new experiences in relation to deeper levels of consciousness linked with matter and universal energy.

At C.I.M.A we work with 3 core concepts that guide our program:

EXPLORATION: We work together to develop activities that activate new perceptions, we seek to awaken different forms of  self view.
COMMUNITY: We seek to activate the reciprocity of considerations between different customs and traditions, opening doors to future human and professional ties.
PRODUCTION: We implement processes and technical procedures that make up an essential chapter in the development of the work.


C.I.M.A. Art Residency is in a private colonial style house built lovingly at the beginning of the century.  Located 10 minutes from the mountains of El Portezuelo and a 5 minute walk to the center of the town of Santa Rosa where you will find the necessary amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants, and more.

At the base of the El Portezuelo mountains we have a work space of over one hundred acres bordering the Santa Cruz River. There are no cars or busy streets around, only hiking trails and beautiful unspoiled nature.


The artists are selected through an international open call. In the application, they must define a project or objective for the residence that seeks to investigate and compose visible and invisible images.

For a month they will live and work in a ranch in El Portezuelo, establishing networks and links with the other residents of the program, as well as forging an exchange with members of local communities.

The final presentation of the work will be made at the Laureano Brizuela Art Museum. Each artist must show their work and give a talk about their work experience in Catamarca.


A place in harmony with the natural space, where people can have a different experience of connection with nature (external and internal). Assume the great intelligence that is latent in the human species, an intelligence that carries a very different degree of relationship with the world: Responsibility.

A meeting space, a place for deep connection with the environment, listening and researching in new ways of relating to all that surrounds us.

We aim to use the different activities of the artistic field as a re-generating vehicle, transformer of new realities, personal and interpersonal experiences, training and creation, challenging the artist in relation to the context, its production and its practices.


  • Generate a mobilizing agent in the resident.  A before and after that affects  his/her subsequent production.

  • Provide feedback of his/her work and that of the artists with whom he works.

  • Link the different artistic productions in dialogue with the local environment.

  • Create an artistic pole outside the conventional places.

  • Originate diffusion, exchange and creation a common meeting space for artistic production and development.



24 hs. Kitchen


space and food available to prepare 24 hrs a day

Free WiFi Available
WiFi available 24 hrs a


community garden available on site 

for all to take part in

Film and Projectión


screenings of films and documentaries from fellow artists

Over 100 Acres of Mountain

a connection space with the local unspoiled nature

Reading and Research


large collection of rare and shared books




Outdoor Activities


spectacular landscapes full of cactus, volcanoes and hot springs

Visit to Cultural Places

Aboriginal ruins, colonial churches and forgotten towns



kayak in The Pirquitas Dam, is the largest in Catamarca


“Walk on the grass, increase the senses, embrace the great mysteries and let go”



Josemiel Platz and Romina Estecher are contemporary visual artists and friends. They met in Buenos Aires, in the artist program ArtexArte. Three topics emerged from their first conversation:

The meaning of their work

  The development and focus on different work processes

The connection between the work and the environment


This was undoubtedly the beginning of CIMA. In the course of their partnership, shared projects such as Collective Morbo, Artist Residence in Shop Window and Praxis Gallery exhibitions all came to life.

Romina and Josemiel work in union, there is constant feedback in their exchanges and a coincidence in terms of the practicality of the Earth element.

In both lies the conviction that there is a universe that is available and willing to be created, recreated, manifested and  modified.

In their forms of work there is possibility, a tenacious desire for an imminent encounter without any resistance.

This keeps them awake, inquiring and building. They are not seekers who agonize over an answer, but rather to experiment and ask themselves more.

Yanina Ricalde

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