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Carried out projects  



Elia Gasparolo - Joaquín Fargas -Intervention "Sparkles in Nature"

At dawn 6 points are focused towards the Sun, as a sign of homage to the inexhaustible source of life of our planet. This initial starting point gives rise to a communication between them. The dialogue opens in which man can be a witness and even a protagonist, since by intervening in nature he originates a different form of communication in which he can send a message and wait for a signal. Every so often during the day, the points return to render homage to the star, perhaps a God of nature.

Mirrored stainless steel bushes 60 cm in diameter with polycarbonate base, solar panels, Arduino microprocessor, electronic and mechanical components.


Federico Dedionigi - Internvention + performance "Bulding my mandala"

It is a hybrid between painting and performance.
It invites to the contemplation of the work from a shift of the point of habitual perception, making present the earth element in its natural space and wrapped in a dreamlike atmosphere driven by the sound of the didjeridoo. Earth, painting and didjeridoo are its elements. It passes in the twilight, moment that invites us to the introspection of the night.

Four paintings and didjeridoo


Martín Matus Lerner - Sound intervention "Elemental"

This project proposes the creation and assembly of a digital system that produces the sonification of diverse physical, environmental and geographic parameters of the Portezuelo mountain base, these characteristics being those that generate music in real time. Poetically the system could be understood as a "musical instrument", and the natural environment and environmental conditions as "interpreters". Both create and interpret a unique music, typical of this specific space and time.

Sensors, microcontrolled device, generators and audio processors. Speakers.


Brian Hermosi - Intervention "Memoria Descriptiva"

It is proposed to reflect on the concept of ruin as a human cultural projection and therefore a producer and promoter of meaning. Reflection that seeks to investigate the tensions that it also contains as a symbol: tension with the past (time); with the story (with the speech); with memory (ideology); with the societies / communities that inhabit or think (power); with nature (ecology); with poetry (perhaps art).


Luciana Pia Faccini - Intervention "Rastros"

The objective of the project is to start from a methodology based on the relationship with the environment and fundamentally in contact with the land. I intend to work it by digging it. The symbolic power of unearthing an object from the earth that traces its shape and records its memory is great and I intend to do it with care, responsibility and respect. The intervention consists of this work process.


Emily Abel - "Dirt is soil"

When the creative rich meet the creative poor, what do they make together? This is the question answered by my feature film project, Dirt Is Soil. I am applying to your residency to complete the screenplay from 50 minutes of footage of an early version of the piece. Everything was shot and will be re-shot in the East Bay Area, California, where I was born and raised. The following summarizes the plot of the movie, the reason it was made, and what I aim to accomplish at the Cima residency.


Mars Mandél- "Rediscovery of Air"

By stretching out my canvas again and again I try to draw a shadow to the traces on the back of my retina. The deep wish to escape all chaos somehow pure: The white canvas not as not to be, but as you may still be. As a choice. No emptiness you have to endure. No emptiness in which you feel the duty to carry it. Emptiness as a space that gives you the promise that there is another way.


Bruno Ceballos-Analysis of works

I propose to carry out an analysis of my work in the residence, while the process of exercises in the river is carried out, in parallel to study the artistic and conceptual possibilities of this comparison or parallelism "person-river". What things do we let go, break, convert or renew? Is that natural in everything?

I propose to think of myself as a river and I wonder it would be natural every so often to overflow, break, shake and scream as when the river.


Marcelo Olivero - Once formas de decir adiós

investigation and realization of a scenic device that allows to compose new realities in dialogue with the context, the series of eleven videos make up an audiovisual piece that transits the different conceptions of the memory.

The work done can be viewed on the artist's website:


Gina Ricker - Temporary Land

She worked in the exploration of the landscape in relation to the body, the different evocations and materialities that are present and resonate in each context. The Fruit of this investigation is a piece of video that we can see in the presentation.

You can watch the video in the following link:


Alberto Moreno - Towards a poetic performance manifesto on the look that builds the landscape

He work in the development of its own manifesto in which it proposes, through different materialities, to de-construct the gaze marked by the different socio-cultural constructions. Developing at the same time strategies of analysis on the look, its implications in the construction of reality and art in general.

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