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Fortunato Rodriguez Street, Santa Rosa - Catamarca - Argentina, CP K4709


Guidelines for planning your residence



The application of the artists and their projects will be evaluated by the committee that will work with the residents using the following criteria:

Cohesion of the project, aesthetic and conceptual integration of ideas, critical awareness of the work done, quality and professionalism.


The duration of the group residence is planned for 25 days approximately. We also accept artists outside of the program to make individual residences.

The price of the stay + variety of vegetarian food is US$ 990

You are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the value of your stay.  This is due 15 days after your application has been accepted. Once accepted, the deposit will confirm your stay. We accept direct payments via Paypal. 


We promote the collaborative spirit and the generation of ties, for this reason we share both artistic and recreational activities.

Once on the site we will do a tour of the space, organize a presentation dinner and a meeting to talk about the projects, their flow and possibilities.

We will plan the monthly agenda, the necessary assistance for each project stage, visits to the sites of common interest and future meetings.

The final presentation of the work will be made at the Laureano Brizuela Art Museum. Each artist must show their work and give a talk about their work experience in Catamarca.


As a resident, you have the possibility to work in the shared study if you wish or in a more private way from your own room or other natural spaces.

The surrounding natural land  provides a considerable amount of space within which to produce outside of a studio environment. We encourage when possible to integrate the land into your own work.  This is not a course requirement.


Some art materials are limited in the city, if you want to be sure of the quality and the brand it is recommended to bring your own materials.

In the region we have quartz crystals, an extensive variety of stones, red earth, wood and other natural materials that can be used to work. 


Our home is based on a shared love for good food, conversation, and collective projects. That's why we offer free access to our fully equipped and 100% vegetarian kitchen to cook whatever you want. This includes various vegetables and fruits, different grains, cereals and pasta. If you want to cook meat, you can cook it outdoors.

We are very close to stores in case you want to buy or add something different to your meals.

Twice a week we organize shared dinners with the intention of generating greater exchange with respect to present experience.


Little rain, dry air and winds from the northeast, east and southeast in spring and summer. The province is located in the semi-arid region of the country. The climate is temperate continental with an average annual precipitation between 500 and 700 mm. The average annual temperatures are of 20ºc, the low temperatures are registered in June, July and August, while the high temperatures in December and January. In general, the climate is benign for most activities typical of temperate climates.


You must have international medical insurance for the time of your stay. C.I.M.A. is not responsible for health mishaps or personal accidents.

Also at the beginning of your residence we request two phone numbers for an in case of an emergency contact.

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